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Tarot Cards: Path To Your Higher Self

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Wildwood Tarot Deck

The Tarot is a path to understanding our higher consciousness. Each tarot card is an oracle message given in symbols and imagery. The cards translate our ordinary thinking to dreamscapes and point us towards the unseen - that which is outside our field of awareness.

We are multi-dimensional beings with aspect of self not incorporated in our current hologram on Earth. The prime directive of our living is to expand our awareness and become fully integrated with our total Self. When this occurs the frailty of our human ego starts to shrink and our sufferings will shapeshift into wisdom.

The tarot triggers our vision logic ( the non-linear level of consciousness sitting above our ordinary thinking - our intuitive perception) to build the bridge between the ordinary and the space of cosmic realisation.

My intention in a reading is to help you enter and experience life inside several of the 78 worlds of the tarot.

Walk into the world of the Rider Waite's Sun. How are the Sun's rays touching your skin? Do the rays feel warm and soothing or hot and restless? Which five senses come awake in this world? Can you become the child sitting freely on horseback with neither restraint nor protection? How are you protected?

The Eight of Cups is asking you. "what are you turning away from?" Are you looking forward to that which you are walking towards? Have you considered what you are leaving behind?

The gold in a tarot reading sits in the in-between - the pathway between two worlds. How can the Sun give the warmth and courage to help you not feel defeated by your sufferings highlighted in the Eight of Cups?

Book a session, if you need clarity as you walk your path integrating all parts of you into the whole.

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