about me

I allow the Universal intelligence to speak through me.

I am a shapeshifter who has walked several career paths. I left a life in finance to become a healer when it became time to follow the path of my ancestors. As such, I understand the anguish a person goes through in search of a rich and fulfilling life. ​

My personal search has taught me that each of us is our most effective healer, and that we have the answers within. To access these answers, we look to reveal our unique energy patterns. When we are able connect to our distinct patterns, we gain access to essential information that helps us untangle and change that which has us stuck and unfulfilled. I enable my clients to shift these patterns, to create new shapes, make new choices and be open to new possibilities.

I am trained in several modalities - shamanic healing techniques, crystal healing, the Tarot, and palmistry - with which I can help you find your new shape.

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Chitra Ravenstar

Bushwick, Brooklyn    Virtual Readings
Tel: 347 . 563 . 2088​    Email: chitra@ravenstarhealing.com