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In my healings, I play the role of a channeller.

I focus on clearing the obstacles my clients encounter on their energy paths towards a richer and happier life.  My  healings clear the chatter in the mind and enable deep sleep. 

healing sessions

Healing sessions are 90 minutes and done in person. They are suited to what the clients needs at the time. It could include crystals and the healing drum. When I start a session, I function as an investigator from the metaphysical realm. Some of the questions I ask are:

1. Who are the culprits creating this chaos?


2. How do I clear these energy imprints from the path?


3. What tools does the Universe provide my clients to help them clear the path towards wealth and happiness?

All healing sessions are performed in person. 
A healing session can be schedule through e-mail. Once payment is received, an appointment will be schedule. A 24-hour notice is required to cancel an appointment. My apologies: there is no refunds for no shows.

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