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Journey Inwards: A Guided Meditation for Unlocking Inner Wisdom

Take a moment to engage in a few deep belly breaths. With the next inhalation, shift your focus towards your third eye, located between your brows. As you sense the pulsing energy in your third eye, direct your gaze towards the luminous vibrations in the image above with your eyes fully open for 10 seconds. Subsequently, gently narrow your eyes, maintaining a half-shut position for the next 10 seconds. Repeat this process as needed.Embark on an exploration of this novel realm. Reflect on the sensations elicited by the strands of light as you traverse among them. What does it feel like when you make contact with them? Are you compelled to ascend the strands or gracefully glide through them? Immerse yourself in this experience.Navigate your way towards the epicenter of these vibrations, where the radiant tree of light stands. Position yourself underneath its luminous branches. Pose a question to the ethereal tree. Allow yourself to hear the response it imparts. Embrace this journey within, connecting with the energy and wisdom present in this metaphysical landscape.

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