I provide readings to aid with inner inquiry.

I read using the Tarot, crystals, and the candle flame. I also read the palm. My readings are directed to helping the seeker know the wisdom which runs like a silent river underneath their active intelligence. Having access to this internal wisdom is the ultimate guide for effective external actions.

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In Person Readings

In-person readings will be 90 minutes long. I start each session with a conversation, then I scry using the candle flame to deeply understand the reason for your visit. Once we have established what the issues are, we start the reading. I will use one of these modalities to read with - Tarot, Crystal or Palmistry.

Remote Readings

Remote readings can be highly effective to gain information when an in-person session is not possible.

Tarot readings are:

  •     30 minutes

  •     75 minutes


Communications will be thru e-mail. An invoice will be emailed prior to payment. Payment thru Venmo or Paypal. Please allow 24 hours after payment is made to schedule a reading.