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do you want to establish a better relationship with money? looking to create more love in your life? need a new direction in your career path?

A reading with me will connect you to the wisdom of your High Priestess and uncover the gold within your shadow. My intent is to provide you with clear insight and simple, actionable steps towards achieving your goals

Tarot Readings
tarot reading

Ravenstarhealing offers, both,  virtual and in-person readings

  • tradition 10  card reading to give clarity and direction to the challenges you are seeking to navigate 

~20 minute session 

~50 minute session

  •  a tarot dream walk - in a dream walk, we start with a tradition reading, then select cards which spoke strongly during the reading.  With my guidance, you will enter the world  of each card. Through conversation you will come to deeply understand their teachings. A dream walk  will allow you to own your healing by building the bridge between you and your High Priestess

                        ~75minute session

akashic record reading

The Akashic record is said to be the highest realm of your DNA blueprint. It holds every thought, action and experience of your soul's journey.  I channel (with your permission) to your record; gain access to information from your past, your present situation and future possibilities  which will help you live your truth at the soul level.

You can ask the records any question regarding any aspect of your life - career, health, love, money.  A question as mundane as, "Should I go home for Christmas?", is given equal weight as the more soul searching ones, such as, "What do I need to understand about past wounds to find my great love?",  by the records.

Readings can be either or in-person

               ~ 45minute sessions

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preparation before a session 

To fully gain the full benefits of your session, please take time to center and ground yourself before your session. Consider the intention for your reading with care. What aspects of your present life are you seeking to heal? Which part of current experience feels in the fog?  What areas feel heavy and blocked?

Prior your session, please read and sign the disclaimer provided at the bottom of the home page.

24 hour cancellation notice is required for a refund 

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