Everything is energy including our human experience.

Chitra is an intuitive healer trained in several modalities including Crystal Healing Medicine, Shamanic Vision Journeying, the Tarot, Palmistry and Astrology. Her sessions help clients transform their energy, so they can feel empowered to walk the path of their truth.

She uses these tools she to understand her clients, and provide them with the support they need in their journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery. She strives to provide insight and affirmations that will help them on their path to healing and manifestation.

Her work will help you shift your energy patterns, allowing you to:

  • ​be happier

  • manifest your dreams for love, money, and career

  • breakthrough the confusion

  • make life-changing decisions with surety

  • view troubled relationships with  clear vision

  • know and love your shadow

  • heal a broken heart

  • have spiritual guidance through your healing process

Find out how her insights can help you.

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Chitra is a very gifted spiritual practitioner and has been invaluable in helping me tap into my intuitive self that, like a road map, led me to the places I must go to be more fully realized in my own humanity.  

— Jacqueline 

Visionary Art

I paint to understand myself and my relationship to spirit better. My objective is to transform the darkness into light through images, movement and colour.